Slide Shows

Please inquire, generally between $50 and 200, plus travel and hospitality expenses.


Renting an Exhibit

Exhibits usually consist of between 20 and 60 black and white photographs, 16 by 20 inches down to 8 by 10 inches, the number scalable up or down depending on venue. Approximately 200 running feet would be ideal. The host is expected to cover insurance costs, shipping one way, and possibly framing. The photographer can perform slide shows if appropriate, or give talks or demonstrations. Rental fee--also negotiable--is approx. $500 for a one month show.


Buying Photographs


4 by 5"--$5
5 by 7"--$10
8 by 10"--$20
11 by 14 "(fiber base paper)--$50
16 by 20 "(fiber base paper)--$100

(Prices include postage and handling. For information about a sliding scale or purchasing a series, please inquire.)

Delivery time is roughly two weeks.

Prints will be spotted, i.e., cleaned of spots.

The prints will not be mounted or matted.

You are only purchasing the photos, not the rights to publish or duplicate them without the photographer's permission.

How to order prints:

Please specify set name (Middle Passage Pilgrimage, e.g.), print identification number (if any), & a brief description of the photos, along with your name, address (both land & electronic), & phone or fax numbers. Please pay in advance, by check or cash.

Thank you very much for your purchases

Photography about struggles for peace, justice and environmental integrity

Photographic exhibitions and slide shows for school programs, political activities,
community centers, and conferences

Teeksa Photography-Skip Schiel


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