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Auschwitz Convocation

East Europe


Palestine & Israel










Afterword & Acknowledgements

Ashes and Light: Auschwitz to Hiroshima,
Interfaith Pilgrimage for Peace and Life 1995

Published by Nipponzan Myohoji, Leverett, Massachusetts, 1996
Printed by Hamilton Newell Printing, Amherst, Massachusetts

Literary Editors: Lisa Roche and Dan Turner
Photo Editors: Daniel A. Brown and Skip Schiel
Book Design: Jonathan Vogel-Borne, ASA Graphics

Front Cover: Birkenau--Photo: Daniel A. Brown ©1994
Back Cover: Lotus blossom, Hiroshima Peace Park--Photo: Skip Schiel ©1996

Daniel A. Brown, a professional photographer, is a fifth grade teacher living in Shelburne Falls, MA.
Ariel Brugger is a social worker, artist and peace activist residing in New Hampshire.
Johanna Ceapach Choinn a musician, is studying for the rabbinate in Berkeley, CA.
Paula Green, director of the Karuna Center in Leverett, MA, is on the board of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.
Lisa Christina Roche, a writer and editor residing in New York State, plans to pursue a graduate degree in theology.
Joe Roche is a computer programmer and a peace activist from Amherst, MA.
Skip Schiel is a professional photographer and social activist from Cambridge, Massachusetts.
John Schuchardt, a writer and lecturer for peace and social justice, co-founded the House of Peace in Ipswich, MA, a home of healing and love for
refugee children from around the world.
Dan Turner is a writer and social activist living in Oakland, CA.
Elizabeth Turner is a teacher and advocate for the homeless in Oakland, CA.
Jonathan Vogel-Borne is a graphic artist and Quaker minister from Cambridge, MA.

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