ARCHIVE: Along the Mediterranean Coast

Palestine & Israel



A report: Along the Mediterreanean Coast—photographing in Palestine-Israel
November-December 2010

Yaffa & Tel Aviv
Added November 19, 2010
Paris to Gaza, entering & the beach
Added November 21, 2010
In Gaza: protecting the children
Added November 27, 2010
Music Festival in Gaza
Added December 2, 2010
Around Gaza City—I
Added December 3, 2010
Added December 10, 2010
Farmers & the International Solidarity Movement in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip
Added December 12, 2010
The Buffer Zone at Erez Crossing in Beit Hanoun
Added December 18, 2010
Hospital & Youth Group & Staff Meeting
Added December 25, 2010
El Mina, The Old Port—1
Added January 11, 2011
Sderot, Israel
Added January 18, 2011
Recycling rock and concrete from demolished buildings
Added February 9, 2011
Returning home
Added February 26, 2011
  They returned late and light, during unseasonably warm weather and an extended autumn. This is part of a nearly 10 year drought in the region. And also perhaps part of global climate change.
  A movie by Tom Jackson, Joe Public Films, Skip Schiel,Teeksa Photography, and colleagues in Gaza. Release date of June 2011.
  An interview between the Mambazo's tour manager and local activists--Sanders Theater, Cambridge, March 20, 2011. He claimed the group will not perform in Tel Aviv as was previously announced.