Facts on the Ground: A Digital Slide Show by Skip Schiel


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Matrix of Control
The Wall
Olive Harvest

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A digital slide show about Palestine & Israel by Skip Schiel

With images from his journey in November 2003 with a delegation from the Fellowship of Reconciliation

60 minutes plus conversation

Special topics:

The Separation Barrier or Apartheid Wall
Area closures, road blocks, curfews, and check points
The settlement movement
Olive tree farmers
The role of fear and terror
Stories of nonviolent transformation—The Possibilitarians



Occupations by various powers permeate the historic Levant landscape. Currently, Israelis dominate the region, causing great suffering among the Palestinian people. Israelis are fearful about terrorist bombings, a threat some believe might eventually result in their expulsion. For two weeks Skip Schiel participated in an alternative or reality tour of the region. He met peace and justice workers, Palestinian and Israeli, largely in the secular nonviolent tradition. He shared with the Palestinians the closures, curfews, road blocks, and checkpoints that are now part of the second Intifada. And he shared with Israelis the fears spawned by the wave of terrorist bombings. Hope springs from struggle, he believes, and his slide show will attempt to illustrate the conditions and the struggle.

A participatory photographer, photographing while engaging in struggles for justice, peace, right treatment of the environment, and enlightenment, Skip Schiel makes photos for publications, exhibits, slide shows, and individual use. His main current project is a photographic examination of conditions in Palestine & Israel (Facts on the Ground). Other projects include retracing the TransAtlantic slave trade journey (A Spirit People), the earth (Scent of Earth), prisons (Imprisoned Massachusetts), and an exploration of the impact of digital technology on photography.

This digital slide show requires a laptop computer and video projector, plus screen.

Fees range between $75 and 200, plus travel expenses. Please inquire about details.

Excerpt from the show (Olive harvest)

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