Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in South Natick, Massachusetts: sunset over the meadow


Our final field trip in this iteration of the Fall Light Photographic Workshop series was confusing and might have been catastrophic. We explored Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary for evening light shown from its meadows, beginning at 2:30 pm, ending around 6:30, sunset at 5:45. Confusing at two points: because of time we never reached the Charles River as I’d planned and the meadow loop trail did not offer good views of the sunset and would take too long. Little by little we worked thru these problems.

Crossing the mill site presented another hitch. Due to recent heavy rains the trail was flooded. We could cross on stones or leap, in either case a span of about one meter. A few of us were shaky. As before, most were willing to help the less advantaged.

So altho I know the site fairly well—filled with memories, such as Louise and I beginning our discussion of breakup or transition here and a former workshop group exhibiting photos in the visitor center—we needed to constantly improvise.

The weather was ideal, both for walking in the autumnal woods and for photography. The sky varied minute to minute, the air was warm, odors strong, and families reveled in the woods and wetlands. Recent rains had filled the ponds and renewed the waterfalls. A man told me that two weeks ago the river was still and shallow and the falls had vanished.


photos by skip schiel & teeksa photography




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