A Chronicle of My Life During the Coronavirus-Covid-19 Crisis-part twenty one—August 2-August 21, 2021

One year and a half since I made these photos, the pandemic continues to slowly recede, leaving debris in the form of death and continuing illness. Spanning 19 summer days, these photos depict activities of the climate justice movement, flowers, sky, my kitchen window (an ongoing series), events memoralizing the atomic bombings of Japan, a bike ride thru Boston's Emerald Necklace, and hefty activity in the Friends Meeting at Cambridge.

Teeksa-Skip Schiel_IMG_5128
Teeksa-Skip Schiel_IMG_5128

August 21, 2021-Emerald Necklace by bicycle


Biking the Emerald Necklace and Christian Science Center, a video by Skip Schiel

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