A train ride thru the downtown Chicago Loop


A sequel to a summer bus ride in Detroit.


Stillness in the chaos of downtown McDonalds, not munching on burgers, just watching—the pleasure of looking.



The beginning of a momentous event 


A tour of Detroit: Packard Studebaker Automotive Plant, Feed'om Freedom Growers Project, Heidelberg Project


from a workshop at the allied media center by the palestine education project, comparing conditions in the usa with those in the occupied territories of palestine


From a workshop Climbing Poetree gave at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, June 2010


A ride on the public bus, inward


In Detroit, June 2010


Borrowing the title from a film made in the 1960s by John Korty, which included faces of Quakers silently vigiling at the Pentagon about nuclear weapons, this short video depicts a similar group (not all Quaker) assembling silently on the International Day of Peace. A group of recent Army recruits or ROTC students runs by as part of their training.


The folksinger songwriter, David Rovics, at the US Social Forum in an informal concert.


a detroit-based group dances and chants as they wait to join the opening march of the us social forum


Via the elevated train, The People Mover, a wordless tour of downtown Detroit


Another in a series of twilight stop action videos exploring light, the magic hour so loved by photographers and other romantics 


Another video in the twilight series



An early morning sauntering video



Expanding to refine oil derived—dangerously, expensively, environmentally harmfully—from tar sands in Alberta BC Canada


A video exploration of twilight


A romp down one of the main downtown Dearborn streets, beginning at Al Ameer Restaurant with a stop at the New Yasmeen Bakery and cafe


A little walking tour, car after car, then exploding (by walking, leaving the cars behind) outside to view the Detroit River (and later for a bike ride, not shown)


Observing human intelligence in action