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Photography of
Skip Schiel

Making the Invisible Visible: Massachusetts Prisons

June 2004

© All images & text copyright Skip Schiel,
2004 and earlier

A map with text about
prisons in Massachusetts,
designed by John Schuchardt and Skip Schiel—

Imprisoned Massachusetts

Masschusetts Prison Pilgrimage, 2002;
South Bay prison, Boston


A draft of a poster displaying the aerial photographs of Alex MacLean and (possibly) the portraits of Michael Jacobson-Hardy

A Trapped Angelic View: Massachusettts Prisons from the Air

(via Acrobat Reader, 8.5 by 48 inches)

From Behind the Razor Wire by Michael Jacobson-Hardy

From Landslides Inc, Alex MacLean

9 Sacramento Street

Cambridge Massachusetts 02138-1843