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agape Retreat
Added February 6, 2022
portrait A Chronicle of My Life During the Coronavirus-Covid-19 Crisis-part 17—April 26, 2021-May 1, 2021
Added February 11, 2022
red rebels Life and Death in a Shopping Mall
Added March 10, 2022
amaryliss wilted A Chronicle of My Life During the Coronavirus-Covid-19 Crisis-part 18—May 1, 2021-May 15, 2021
Added March 19, 2022
tina chery
postering #DEFUND CLIMATE CHAOS-Street Art
Added April 5, 2022
die in Die-in for Climate Action
Added April 12, 2022
die in
extinction rebellion parade Earth Day in Boston with Extinction Rebellion
Added April 27, 2022
A Chronicle of My Life During the Coronavirus-Covid-19 Crisis-part 19—May 22-June 16, 2021
Added May 21, 2022
log splitters
pond How Mt Auburn Cemetery looks to me in black and white
Added May 30, 2022
saxaphone player The Makanda Project in Nubian Square
Added June 6, 2022
trombone player
die in Dying for Climate Action
Added June 9, 2022
die in
bather in ocean Seen Along the Way (Boston's North Shore)
Added June 21, 2022
store front peabody essex museum
die in red rebel Extinction Rebellion takes to the streets of downtown Boston
Added July 6, 2022
extinction rebellion red rebel
water tower beaver brook reservation Metropolitan State Hospital and Beaver Brook Reservation
Added July 18, 2022
metropolitan state hospital
sky and clouds Out my window
Added September 9, 2022
dinosaur die in XR Youth Dinosaur Die-in
Added September 19, 2022
police stop car A vision of the next mass extinction
Added September 22, 2022
die in
die in A die-in in the middle of the city
Added September 26, 2022
die in
police extinction rebellion "We are monitoring protestors who have announced plans to block traffic this morning." (Massachusetts State Police)
Added September 27, 2022
speaker Stop Burning Down Our House
Added September 29, 2022
school of honk Honk returns to the streets of Somerville and Cambridge in 2022
Added October 19, 2022
funeral in plastic
woman speak Agape Community's 40th Anniversary
Added October 25, 2022
women hug
girl dancing Quaker Gathering-Part one
Added October 26, 2022
quaker youth
big stormy sky Quaker Gathering-Part two
Added October 28, 2022
amaryliss A Chronicle of My Life During the Covid-19 Crisis-part 20—May 28-July 4, 2021
Added November 23, 2022
boston harbor skyline
crowd plymout mass rock 53rd Annual National Day of Mourning in Plymouth Massachusetts
Added November 30, 2022
speaker national day of mourning
leafletting Extinction Rebellion: Sing out holiday cheer—for climate justice.
Added December 20, 2022
child in death mask Speaking truth to train riders
Added December 30, 2022
speaker on train