USS Cassin Young (DD-793)—Dead Destroyer :: September 2007

Here I entertained my childhood desires—to join the Navy. I boarded the ship, now as the Commander I took charge, ordered my men to their stations, and prepared for a journey thru enemy waters, most likely the Pacific. There we did our duty honorably and shot down numerous Japanese airplanes and dodged kamikaze attacks, all but one, which seriously wounded us. We then limped to the nearest port for repair, and I am at leisure to write this note.

I’ve been on this ship many times, probably on tours and wandering around. Many joined me—were many like me reliving boyhood or girlhood dreams? I photographed the ship extensively, from afar beneath a crane (discovering my camera started flashing lines and going black, until I changed the batteriess which I hope now has cleared this problem. It is to be my backup camera for my next Israel-Palestine trip.), the side, the bridge, the radar equipment, all Navy gray, just like my computer screens.

More information about the ship and its history