Teeksa Photography

Photography of
Skip Schiel

MANIFESTO: of light and image

By Skip Schiel

1960s, updated 2004

© All text copyright Skip Schiel, 2004 and earlier

AS INDIVIDUALS removed from the world by a layer of skin and a host of experiences, isolated by the continual dissonances of many minds, misjudged and not always loved, desirous of interchange and outflow,

WE FEEL THE NEED for interchange and what is called expression, a growing out of inner reaches, an attempt at healing wounds around us, a making of wounds and incisions where all is complacent, a living

FOR CREATING IMAGES that will live beyond any one life, a movement thru years, a view of things seen and variously sensed, words of space and time, explosions, carnivals, parades, one picture, blackness,

NOW, from material at hand, from machinery and chemistry and electronics, from cameras and emulsions and pixels and private visions that transcend all technology, that fly as freely as pollen, seeds in the wind and earth, today, now, images.

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