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Visions of a
New South Africa

Photos made between May
and August 1999

  All images and text copyright Skip Schiel, 2001

 On the Margin: Living Dangerously

Port Elizabeth--
the Aloes Community & the toxic waste dump

The Aloes Community:

This is the Aloes Community, living near Port Elizabeth, a thriving city on the Indian Ocean coast. But the residents of Aloes smell, taste, and see the remains of industrial detritus-highly toxic leachate, a soup percolated from the remains of a myriad of industrial processes, trucked here, and often seeping and evaporating from the holding sites into the surrounding earth and atmosphere.

Aiding the residents, calling for the closing of the pits, are various citizens fostering dialog between waste site managers and neighbors. They are the Zwartkops River Trust, led by Joan Coutledge and supported in the United States by South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice. For more information about the organization, visit www.igc.org/saepej/.

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      The Aloes Community            

in the valley
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