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All images and text copyright Skip Schiel, 2003 & earlier
Living Wage Campaign

Part of a nationwide campaign for wages that would allow workers to live in the communities they serve, in the spring of 2001 Harvard students occupied an administration building for nearly one month. The result: a committee to investigate pay scales of Harvard's lowest paid workers—janitors, guards, and the like. The recommendation: to increase wages to the local living wage level, approximately $10 hourly in Cambridge Massachusetts. Harvard is the richest university in the world, with an endowment of over 17 billion dollars

2001 to present

In the Footsteps of the Freedom Fighters

(Images from Alabama,
Georgia, and North Carolina)

Organizations providing social services and helping change an unjust system

January-May 1999

A Spirit People: One View of
the Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage

Retracing the route of the African slave trade, honoring the African ancestors, exploring history & contemporary implications of human bondage, & living a multicultural life

From Massachusetts to New Orleans

May-November 1998

Our Home Sweet Homes

Local & national campaigns for housing justice

Boston, Washington DC, & Cambridge Massachusetts

The Elm Tree

The last six years of the life of an elm tree living just outside the photographer's bedroom, an installation comprising an album, prints, postcards, literature & miscellany from the tree

Cambridge Massachusetts


About the Color Line

Thru the eyes of a European-American male, African American people in families, schools, organizations, gatherings, celebrations & faith communities

Chicago, Boston & the deep south

  One Family

A longitudinal view of the photographer's family, from his origins in Chicago, thru raising children in the Boston area, to the present moment

Chicago, Cambridge & Watertown Massachusetts


To the viewer:

Through photography I love: partner, daughters, friends, the earth. Through photography I am angry: at injustice, pomposity, violence, deceit, ignorance, greed. Through photography I am perverse, critical, analytic, emotive, radiant, clumsy, elegant. Through photography I am a person of the world, of the cosmos. And I am a recluse, an isolate, a monk.

For all this I am very grateful.

I praise my photographic lineage-ancestors who have taught me, contemporaries who cooperate with me and successors who might benefit from what I've attempted to do. I thank the great spirit, god, the higher power, the ground of being, the pulse of the universe for allowing me-perhaps -to be aligned with this force, rather than opposed to it.

Photography is my main form of prayer-I pray outward to the beings, things, forces I photograph. I pray inward to my own center by sensing the light within. I pray to others by showing them my photos. I link with the light, both inward & outward. Photography fuses my many tendencies, it allows expression of my various urgencies.

May these images better balance the plethora of main media images we constantly experience: catastrophe, despair, ruination, death. May they help broaden the palette of art to include hope, faith, fun, exhilaration, antics, joy, friendship, worship. In the midst of a troubled time, may they affirm the life force.


Teeksa Photography-
Skip Schiel


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