Essays by Skip Schiel about his experiences on the
Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage

1--About Being a Pilgrim, Being On Pilgrimage
June 9, 1998, Cambridge, Massachusetts

2--Engineers of the Spirit
June 18, 1998, New London, Connecticut

June 26, 1998, New York City

4--A Ritual Led by Pilgrims and Sojourners of African Descent
July 1, 1998, Trenton, New Jersey

5--A Model Community
July 15/21, 1998, Washington DC

6--An Easy Essay
July 21, 1998, Fredericksburg, Virginia

7--Richmond Virginia,
Once the Slave Trading Capital of the United States

July 29, 1998, Norfolk, Virginia

8--How Does the Color Line Foster Reconciliation?
August 8, 1998, Raleigh, North Carolina

9--Greensboro, North Carolina,
Seminal Site for the Civil Rights Movement

August 19, 1998, Winston--Salem & Charlotte, North Carolina

10--Quakers and Racial Justice, Part I
August 22, 1998, Columbia, South Carolina


11--What is a Pilgrimage?
September 2, 1998, Charleston & St. Helena, South Carolina

12--The Penn Center & the Interfaith Pilgrimage
September 8, 1998, Savannah, Georgia
(revise with Courtney's notes)

13--A Living Prayer or a Living Hell?
September 22/25, 1998, Atlanta & Carrolton, Georgia

14--What, How, and Why I Photograph, Part I
September 25/28, 1998, Carrolton, Georgia & Anniston, Alabama

15--What, How, and Why I Photograph, Part II
September 28/October 4, 1998/January 6, 1999,
Anniston & Birmingham, Alabama, Cambridge, Massachusetts

October 11/31, 1998, Montgomery, Alabama & Ocean Springs, Mississippi

17--What I've Learned Walking thru the South
November 7, 1998/January 6, 1999,
New Orleans, Louisiana/Cambridge, Massachusetts

18--The Ship, Titanic
November 11, 1998/January 7, 1999, New Orleans/Cambridge, Massachusetts

19--Lessons from Walking thru the North
November 30, 1998/January 6, 1999 Chicago, Illinois/Cambridge, Massachusetts

(This is the first of a set numbering 88 essays, covering my experiences not only with the Middle Passage Pilgrimage
but thru the Delta, the deep south, and South Africa, all an outgrowth of walking with the Pilgrimage for five months.)

Exhibit: A Spirit People, One View of the Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage

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