The Levant in the United States, 2007-2022

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Fund Human Needs, Not the Israeli Military (Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People)
Added November 30, 2021
Palestine in Boston
Added May 18, 2021
Shine a Hanukkah Light on the Deadly Exchange
Added December 27, 2019
Dani Dayan: Ambassador for Apartheid-a walk out of the lecture at Harvard Law School
Added November 14, 2019
In Solidarity with the People of Gaza (photos & video)
Added May 9, 2018
Chanukah Solidarity March Against Islamophobia #KindleJustice Boston (video)
Added December 24, 2016

End exploiting Palestinian water access as a tool of West Bank control.
Added July 16, 2016

Stop the Killing in Gaza—a candle light vigil at MIT (USA)
Added November 20, 2012

Gaza in Boston: Israel Attacks the Freedom Flotilla
Added June 2, 2010


Gaza at Harvard
Added May 29, 2010

Jerusalem in Boston, two views
Added May 14, 2010

International Women's Day & Celebrating Rachel Corrie
Added April 19, 2010

Israeli Apartheid Week in Boston
Added March 7, 2009

One State for Palestine-Israel?
Added April 10, 2009

Gaza Symposium
Added April 10, 2009

Demonstrations in Boston supporting Gaza
Added February 5, 2008

New England Celebrates Israel
Added May 22, 2007