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Photography of
Skip Schiel
In the Footsteps of the Freedom
(Images from Alabama,
Georgia, and North Carolina)
An Online Photographic Exhibit All images and text copyright Skip Schiel, 2001

Atlanta, Georgia




First Iconium Baptist Church

These black and white photos depict organizations in Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina providing social services and advocating for justice. They were made as I strode a four month side path in early 1999 during a pilgrimage retracing the Atlantic slave trade in 1998-99 (the Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage). They show a black Baptist church in Atlanta, a black Catholic church in Bessemer, Alabama, Savannah's Department of Community Services, the Jubilee Bridge crossing in Selma, Alabama, and the Racial Justice Network in Greensboro, North Carolina. This series is part of a much larger project entitled One Sky, intended to be a visual account of one pilgrim's journey along the trail of slavery and racism.

Along with the black and white photos, I display color images showing the Middle Passage Pilgrimage in the same areas as the organizations shown in black and white. From June to November, 1998, our pilgrimage walked some 2,400 miles from western Massachusetts, along the eastern seaboard, thru the south, to New Orleans, to learn and offer prayers.

I departed the main pilgrimage to pursue a more personal form of pilgrimage. And to give back to the people that had hosted us so generously. I offered my photography in exchange for lodging and food and, if possible, help with photographic expenses, making whatever photos the organizations requested. They each have a set of pictures, and I've assembled this set for public viewing, hoping an audience will see something of the good work the various communities and institutions are doing.

My photographic work at this point is to tell and show my story of various peace and justice pilgrimages-what I experienced, what I learned, how I've changed, how I might change further, with pointed reference to the larger society, what it can experience, what it can learn, how it can change. In particular, I've been part of the recent 15 month long Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage. Now, thru my photo exhibits, slide shows, and publications, I strive to help dismantle one of the main streams of slavery's legacy, the system of racially based injustice prevailing today in these United States.

Walking the talk of the reality of oppression is my call, my "vocation," my vow, from a greater power: spirit, simply put, "breath of life."

I heed the words of Deuteronomy, "Take exceeding care lest you forget the things you ever saw, lest you turn aside in your heart. Make them known to your children and to your children's children."

-Skip Schiel
November 28, 2000


 Birmingham, Alabama

Kelly Ingram Park


Kelly Ingram Park

Greensboro, North Carolina:

North Carolina Racial Justice Network





Savannah, Georgia




Selma, Alabama:

Jubilee Bridge Crossing
National Voting Rights Museum

 Bessemer, Alabama:

St. Francis Catholic Church



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