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A story about taking the housing justice struggle to the homes of the landlords

For seven hours our caravan, numbering some 50-75 people (depending on who is counting), went from Cambridge where we tenants all live to the suburbs where some of the most aggravating owners live. We carried our message that we wish to negotiate the rent hikes and we will remain steadfast in not paying unreasonable increases. We did have a jolly time.

Our contingent included about fifteen Haitians, young and old, crowded into a bus we had rented. A lively group, singing. Louise, my partner, reports coming truly alive when all began singing in Haitian Kreol.

Initially, we assembled at City Hall, paraded through Central Square to Lucy Parsons book store in the Square's heart (the site of a proposed and hotly contested renovation and expansion,the bookstore is now demolished), boarded cars and the bus, and drove to the various suburbs. We first stopped at Craigie Circle in Cambridge, Louise's old home. I implored her to speak about the destruction of the tenants' community garden. She did and well, spreading the sad story of how the owner, Stuart Rothman, demolished the garden in apparent retaliation for tenant activism.

A good chance to express anger. One man, for instance, at the home and office of Chiccarelli Real Estate's owner, Rita Lamberg, in Lexington, a corner house large with its several expensive cars in the driveway, was visibly angry and disturbed about Lamberg's role in forcing people out of already substandard housing. This spirit was infectious. I could see her house going up in flames.

And a good chance to chat with neighbors. In Brookline, for example, two neighbors ventured out of their large homes to see what we were about. Courageous of them, hearing from us what their friends and neighbors, the owners, are doing with housing. We used a loudspeaker to specify exactly what we thought the owner was doing, who was profiting, how much, and who was suffering.

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