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(added March 1, 2002)


(by an unidentified photographer)

Part of a nationwide campaign for wages that would allow workers to live in the communities they serve, Harvard students occupied an administration building for nearly one month. The result: a committee to investigate pay scales of Harvard's lowest paid workers—janitors, guards, and the like. The recommendation: to increase wages to the local living wage level, approximately $10 hourly in Cambridge Massachusetts. Harvard is the richest university in the world, with an endowment of over 17 billion dollars.

Skip Schiel, living near the university, photographed during and after the occupation period, April 2001.

Photographs by Skip Schiel
April 2001
Harvard University
  All images and text (below) copyright Skip Schiel, 2002
LivWageBanner LivWageCop LivWageCrowd LivWageRamp LivWageTalk LivWageTents LivWageWorker

November 2001
Holyoke Center, Cambridge
Justice for Janitors

LivWageHolyoke14COPY LivWageHolyoke15COPY LivWageHolyoke18COPY LivWageHolyoke1COPY LivWageHolyoke20
LivWageHolyoke3 LivWageHolyoke5COPY LivWageHolyoke7COPY LivWageHolyoke8COPY LivWageHolyoke21COPY

January 22, 2002
Martin Luther King Jr's birthday
Harvard Square, Cambridge
Justice for Janitors: A Rally & march in honor of King's dream & struggle
JanitorsMarch1 JanitorsMarch3
JanitorsMarch6 JanitorsHolyoke1 JanitorsHolyoke3 JanitorsHolyoke5

Service Employees International Union

A union of cleaning and maintenance workers—as well as doormen, handymen, concierges, porters—who keep buildings and communities humming.
The union is diverse, representing members from 60 countries who speak 25 languages.
And united by pride in work, and a desire to make a better living and a better life. Together: strong, never defeated.

Writing by Skip Schiel:

The building take over

A stirring building take over at Harvard, by students, in support of the Living Wage Campaign. Some 50 students have been in an administration building (Massachusetts hall) for nearly a week, demanding that Harvard—with an endowment exceeding 17 billion dollars—pay everyone a min of $10.25 hourly, calculated to be a just-get-by wage for the Boston area. Many, some 1000 workers, both directly employed by Harvard or employed by subcontractors, earn less. Outside, tents are springing up, at last count, some 40 of them, filled with overnight supporters....



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