ARCHIVE: The Ongoing Nakba: internally expelled Palestinian refugees in the West Bank

Palestine & Israel

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Added May 17, 2019
2-From the Al Aqsa mosque in Al Quds (Jerusalem)
Added May 22, 2019
3-Damascus Gate during Ramadan & the Western Wall
Added May 27, 2019
4-In & Around the Old City of Jerusalem, featuring the Haram esh-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) / Temple Mount
Added June 1, 2019
5-Sheik Jarrah—Nabeel Al-Kurd & Mohammed Sabagh
Added June 3, 2019
6-Asem Khalidi
Added June 13, 2019
7-Omar Hajhajleh and Al Walaja
Added June 14, 2019
8-Issa Younis Alazza & family-three generations of displacement
Added June 22, 2019
9-Abdul Qader Hassan Monjid al Lahham from the village of Beit Eteb
Added July 15, 2019
10-Saeed Dandan and his daughter in the Balata refugee camp
Added July30, 2019
11-Um Ahmad Khdaish
Added August 31, 2019
12-Mohmoud Sharaya'a from Kafr 'Ana
Added September 4, 2019

13-Fatima Nakhli (Um Yousef)
Added October 22, 2019
14-The Ongoing Nakba: searching for the destroyed villages near Ramla and the Ben Gurion airport
Added November 12, 2019
15-Rajab Mustafa Ghanem from Lod/Lydda, living in Amari, the refugee camp in Ramallah
Added November 27, 2019
Added December 18, 2019
16-The Two Ein's—Ein Hawd & Ein Hod
Added February 27, 2020
17-A Christian Palestinian Israeli living in the German Colony of Haifa
Added March 13, 2020
18-Neama Zaid (Um Salah) from the village of Beit Nabala near Lyyd/Lod
Added April 9, 2020
19-Khadija Mohammad Al-Azza (Um Ghazi) with her two daughters and two sons, living together in the Amari refugee camp in Ramallah
Added May 1, 2020
In and Around Bethlehem
Added June 1, 2020
20-Shaker Issa Odeh (Abu Maher) from Al Mahla (now part of Jerusalem)
Added June 22, 2020
Returning home—Tel Aviv to Montreal, eventually Boston
Added July15, 2020
21-Mohammad Saleh Hussein Hammad Abu-Habsa, mourning his son, Anan, who is considered a martyr, a shaheed
Added August 12, 2020
22-Zakiyya Mohammad Hamad with her family
Added August 31, 2020
23-Maryam Abdallah Abu Lateef
Added October 13, 2020
24-Mustafa Mahmoud Abu Awwad (Abu Mazen) from the village of Sabbarin/Sabbareen
Added Novermber 12, 2020
25-Omar Mohammad Amara (Abu Mohammad) in Tulkarm, who had joined the revolutionary movement for a free Palestine
Added November 25, 2020
26-Fatima Ali Msaimi (Um Wajeeh)
Added January 7, 2021
Not the end of the journey or series